Wheel ROAD Pro Tour Disc 5

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Pro Tour Disc 5

Reliability, performance and rigidity with the much-desired light weight are the main features of the entire Pro Tour range.

PRO TOUR is much more than a name, it is a reflection of a joint development work between professional teams, technical department since 2010.

We seek to understand professional athletes, road enthusiasts and mechanics and are committed to creating a wheel that provides a unique experience.

Available colors
RIM Detail

MSRP: 1.390 €

Disc brake technology gives you added braking control.

The 24 spokes at front and rear for optimized brake power distribution.
Front hub have the optional 12mm or 15mm thru-axle or quick release
Rear hub have the optional for 12×142 thru-axle or quick release
Brake system Center Lock or IS available, also Freewheel Shimano, XDR or Campagnolo like optional driver body.

Performance and reliability are our main concerns.

The next step rims to increase your bike’s performance.

The Pro Tour Disc 5 with its external 27mm rim width and 21mm internal width, incorporates design innovations for low aerodynamic drag, greater stability and predictability in crosswinds.

That wider rim platform allows for increased air volume, which spreads the tire casing.

That helps increase the contact patch with the ground.

The result is improved cornering grip and increased comfort on the road.

A new era of wheels

Prototype Pro Tour Disc 5 wheelset is as packed full of innovations as your best day on a bike was packed with euphoria.The 50mm rim profile offers enhanced aerodynamic efficiency as well as better comfort and cornering grip.

This is a high-performance carbon wheelset engineered to provide versatility for the new era of road cycling that includes disc-brake road applications for riding or racing.


Great aerodynamic performance without sacrificing weight.

Improve your braking with disc brake technology.

All the details make the difference.

Pro Tour Disc 50mm airfoil rim features a wide, rounded shape for low drag and crosswind stability.
27mm rim width offers smooth tire integration.

Prototype optimized the Pro Tour Disc 5 for the ultimate in all conditions braking control, the carbon rim Disc-brake offers cyclists the greatest aerodynamic with the superior modulation and stopping power of disc brakes.
We studied the environment around them for instances of how nature solved similar problems of speed, control, and efficiency for the next generation of Prototype wheels.

The geometry of the SL 2.0 aero spokes makes it possible to increase wheel stiffness by 15%, maintaining the aerodynamic component of conventional aero rays and without sacrificing weight.



  • Material: full carbon
  • Width (inner/outer): 20/27mm
  • Profile: 50mm
  • Type: tubeless ready
  • Rim shape: symmetric


  • Model: SP Disc
  • Material: Aluminium light-force
  • Bearings: sealed – PROTOTYPE PRO 2
  • Braking System: center-lock
  • Clamping: thru-axle or QR


  • Size: 700
  • Type:  tubeless ready
  • Width: 19c to 28c
  • Max. Pressure: 140psi

Spokes and Nipples

  • Model: aero
  • Type: straight pull
  • Spoke material: sandvik
  • Nipple material: aluminium

Compatibility Wheel

  • Front wheel
  • Cap: 9x100mm/ 10x100mm / 12x100mm / 15x100mm
  • Rear wheel
  • Cap: 10x135mm / 12x135mm / 12x142mm


  • Freweel Body Options: Shimano 10-12s / Sram XDR / Campagnolo
  • Ceramic bearings: yes
  • Color: white or black decal

Wheelset and weight

  • Discipline: Road
  • ASTM: 1 – ASTM List
  • Weight limit: 120kg
  • Clincher weight: 1560gr
  • Tubular weight: comming soon

  • Include accessories: user manual, UST Rim tape, aluminium valves
  • Note: The weights indication is just a reference value.