ROAD Pro Tour 3 SL

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Pro Tour 3 SL

PRO TOUR SL is one of the best wheels developed specifically for competition. The numerous tests on the UCI certificate of approval prove that we are facing a range of unique features and a high competition charisma.

The “miracle” of engineering has led to the perfect compromise between super light, performance and high level of rigidity. The ability to absorb irregularities allows you to minimize fatigue in long distance races and maximize tire tread.

RIM Detail

MSRP: 1490 €

Objective number one, be fast!

No matter where you ride, the Pro Tour 3 SL is engineered to make that ride faster.
With a rim depth of 38mm, the Pro Tour 3 SL is designed as a do-everything wheelset that is adept at climbing and maintaining speed on the flats.
A wheel strong enough to handle the Spring Classics, but light enough to inspire sprints out of corners.

Performance and reliability are our main concerns.

A star-flanged straight pull hubshell design on the rear hub distributes the load placed on the hub flange away from the bearings.
These hubshell elements ensure that bearings quietly stay in place, roll faster, last longer, and provide a laterally stiffer hub.
About bearings, we’ve chosen the PRO2 specially made to our specs to provide the longest lasting, lowest friction performance available.

Every detail counts and makes a difference.

The Pro Tour 3 SL unrivaled crosswind stability saves watts that would have been spent keeping the bike straight, and provides unequivocal confidence for high speed descending.

When it comes time to slow for a corner, our Ceramic/Cobalto brake track stands ready to deliver the best modulation and shortest stopping distances available, regardless of weather conditions or the length of the descent.


Get unbeatable aero performance without sacrificing stability.

The exact dimensions for maximum optimization.

All the details make the difference.

Pro Tour 3 SL with 38mm rim features a wide, rounded shape for low drag and crosswind stability
23mm rim width offers smooth tubular integration.

One of the lightest wheelsets in its category
38mm high, 23mm wide full carbon rim offers maximum power transfer.

The rims are engineered with our carbon rim technology, which uses a ceramic/cobalto treatment in the brake track.
This innovative process improves braking performance and reliability in dry or wet conditions without compromising strength.



  • Material: full carbon
  • Width : 23mm
  • Profile: 38mm
  • Type: tubular
  • Rim shape: symmetric


  • Model: SP 2
  • Material: Aluminium light-force
  • Bearings: sealed – PROTOTYPE PRO 2
  • Braking System:
  • Clamping: QR


  • Size: 700
  • Type: tubular
  • Width: 19 to 25
  • Max. Pressure: 170psi / 11bar

Spokes and Nipples

  • Model: aero SL 2.0
  • Type: straight pull
  • Spoke material: sandvik
  • Nipple material: aluminium

Compatibility Wheel

  • Front wheel
  • Cap: 9x100mm
  • Rear wheel
  • Cap: 10x130mm


  • Freweel Body Options: Shimano 10-12s / Sram XDR / Campagnolo
  • Ceramic bearings: yes
  • Color: black decal

Wheelset and weight

  • Discipline: Road
  • ASTM: 1 – ASTM List
  • Weight limit: 80kg
  • Weight tubular: 1150gr

  • Include accessories: user manual, aluminium valves extension
  • Include accessories: user manual, UST Rim tape, aluminium valves